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Hi, All, Just checking in. Thanks for the reminder, Novak. Are you doing a cheat day once a week? I attended a family reunion last Friday and picked that day as a cheat day. I was a bit concerned but not overly. I ate whatever I wanted that day, including anniversary cake (my in-laws' sixtieth). The next day my weight was 1 pound over goal and I did Phase 1 all day. The following morning my weight was 133.8 so I was good to go. I had my blood pressure checked at the doctor's office yesterday, and it was 120/74, which she said was excellent. I have not been measuring my salt any longer, just sprinkling it on as desired (I was used to eating 1 tsp. per day as per my protocol). I have continued to take my fish oil capsules even though it's not listed on my Phase 4 protocol sheet. But I take 2 of them at breakfast and 2 at lunch rather than at dinner as I used to do, since we're not supposed to have much fat at dinner. I'm loving breakfast. I have been having 2 eggs over medium in olive oil PAM, 1 1/2 slices toast (each slice has 22 carb grams), 1 cup organic low-fat plain yogurt mixed with a serving of fruit, and 16 oz. water, along with various supplements. I have been buying organic apples and microwaving them until soft, then adding a bit of splenda and some cinnamon. Mmmm.... I usually also have a piece of fruit after dinner. I've been having a bar every day for my snack, just like I did during the other phases. I find I'm not constantly thinking about food any longer and sometimes have to remind myself to eat, especially in the evening.
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