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Originally Posted by SylvieG View Post
Would you have breakfast advice? I find myself alternating between 2 toasts with yogourt, fiber 1 cereals with milk, quick oatmeal w yogourt also! and eating eggs most mornings. For fruits, I chose to stick with strawberries, rasberries and honeydew. Are these IP wise?

Thank you for your advice!
Phase 3 went by so fast! I basically studied the charts and tables in the protocol (posted in the sticky section), then settled on a weekend, home version, and a more transportable version for work... based on the sample menus. At home, I had a whole grain English muffin, a half slice of veggie cheese and fried egg on each side, 3 slices of veggie bacon, yogurt and fruit... usually honeydew. (I don't eat meat.) At work, I have yogurt with blueberries/raspberries and Meusli cereal, and a slice of toast with peanut butter. I used the amounts in the handout, and made sure these choices fit within the guidelines for carbs, protein, calories and fat.

Sounds like you are right on with your choices. I started with a banana early on, but switched to lower carb options. It's a lot of food, but I love breakfast! And even with all that food, I actually lost another 2+ pounds in Phase 3.

Originally Posted by jordanna View Post
Hey Sylvia - glad you asked about breakfasts, that was one of my questions too! Different ideas for breakfasts...

Also - on phase 3 does anyone ever switch it around or add extras to other meals ie: bread at lunchtime for a sandwich instead of having your bread at breakfast? Can that be done?

I'm on phase 2 as of this morning, I'm only staying on Phase 2 for a week before moving to phase 3 so I was starting to wonder how it all works!
I stayed on Phase 2 for a week and five days, because I'd already overshot my goal... but I did study up on Phase 3. It was such a big change, and I didn't want to mess things up after doing so well. The one thing you DON'T do is switch around the breakfast items. They must all be consumed together, at one sitting. That way, your body secretes insulin just once a day, so cells do not revert to insulin resistance. The other meals and snack do not change at all from Phase 2. As you may recall, BevS was told she could add back other veggies, but that is not the direction I had, and I did not make any changes except breakfast. I figured it was only two more weeks, and I'd already made it that far.

For different options, I'd go look at the sample menus and do some mixing and matching. There are lots of choices and combinations you can put together... just make sure you stay within the guidelines.

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