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Default Life After Phase 1

With so many members here now, and so many successes, more and more people are nearing the transition to maintenance. It seems appropriate (while we still have veterans aboard) to start a thread that captures information re: the later phases, before everyone runs off to enjoy their new lives!

If you are currently in Phase 3 or 4, please share your knowledge and experiences in the transition phases; our needs and questions are very different now than they were during the weight loss period. If you are phasing out to take a break before completing your IP program in the future, stay tied to the community and let us know how that approach is working for you. If you are an alum just checking in after months of maintenance, please share your long term successes and caution us about things we may need to watch out for...

If you are nearing transition or simply want to plan ahead, maybe questions like these have come up:

• I’ve got Phases 1 and 2 worked out, but what happens when I get to Phase 3?

• What should my meal plan be during maintenance?

• The guidelines aren’t as specific as they were during the weight loss phases... do I continue to use IP products, or stop them entirely? What about the supplements?

• Will I gain back weight during transition? Should I build some margin into my goal ahead of time?

Here is the place to ask the people who are currently dealing with these issues. Please keep your posts on topic, and please, no “twitter-like” posting that creates clutter.

Let's give this a try, and see where it goes...

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