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Originally Posted by nicholeg View Post
Haha, sorry MJ.. I just saw the posts about the other bars. You are doing so awesome with your goals, is there anything you can share with me to let me know how you are doing it and keeping yourself motivated enough to lose all of that weight?
Hi! Thanks for the nice words!It doesn't really have to be hard work if you make it a lifestyle. As for example...I got hooked on to the 72% dark you can give me all the chocolates and candies in the world and I wouldn't be tempted.Similarly...once you adapt to a low sodium and more herbs kinda food, your desire to eat out goes away because everything tastes so strong and salty! Also "moderation" is the gotta learn when to say "NO". You can occasionally enjoy treats but balance it out next few days.I would suggest two really really good reads if you want to learn all the tricks
1) French women don't get Fat- Michelle Giuliano
2)Master your Metabolism- Jillian Michaels

Good luck!

loving life once again...Thanks LAWL
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