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Basic facts:
Name Roni
Age 43 ~Aries~
Where you live: East TN
Where you grew up: Savannah, GA & Jax, FL
Other places you’ve lived: El Paso, TX, Nashville, Marathon, Fl, Brandon, Fl,
Do you have kids? How old? Two boys. 25 & 17
Are you an oldest, youngest, middle, or only child? How many siblings? Oldest of 1 brother that’s past away and 1 half brother I never see.
Who do you live with? My FiancÚ’ Jesse, my youngest son and our pets.
Current job or field of work / studies: Studying Psychology and seriously considering being a Personal trainer once I lose this weight.

Why did you choose South Beach? Last Thursday I was told my triglycerides are VERY high, as is my A1c (I am Type 2 Diabetic) and cholesterol. I was told I am a heart attack waiting to happen. This scared my man and he started researching what we could do and South Beach was suggested. We immediately went out and bought the book and I started the next day. He doesn’t want me to die. This is the first time since I started this Weight-loss journey that I have his FULL support and cooperation.
Are you going at this plan by yourself or do you have support (other than us of course)? I just answered that, LOL!

Beyond the facts
Favorite books: I love anything by Anne Rice. I’m a Vampire geek. I love the Twilight sagas, pretty much any Vampire romance I can get my hands on and I loved the Anne Rice Witch books too. I read a little of everything, it’s not limited to Vampires & Witches, those are just the most entertaining for me.
Favorite kinds of music / bands: Depends on my mood. I like it all except Rap and Opera. Alternative Rock really gets me going, but sometimes I like listening to classical and New Aged stuff to calm me.
Favorite movies: Geez, too many to name. Chick flicks, horrors, Comedies, dramas…You’ll have to Facebook me to see a full profile.
Favorite saying / quote: "Friendship isn't about who you knew the longest; but about who came and never left your side."
Favorite holiday: Christmas
Hobbies: Reading, gardening, Creating pretty things on the computer.
Passions / obsessions: Animals are my passion.
Are you a camping and hiking kind of person or do you prefer less sweaty and “roughing it” kinds of activities? I LOVE camping!
Got pets? What kind? Cats: Angel 11, Buttah-Head 9, Punky 3, Ozzy the dog is 3.5 and a Box Turtle I’ve had for 10 yrs.
The place you’d most like to visit: Ireland, Greece, England, and Italy.
Best thing that ever happened to you: Meeting my future Hubby and my dearly departed Cat Stimpy, that had it not been for him at times, I would have killed myself. Sounds corny and a bit crazy, but knowing I had to take care of him kept me here when I wanted to give up.
Tell us something else about yourself that you want to share that not too many people know: I have a dark side…

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