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August6, I'd send you a PM here, but I can't figure out how to do it on this site...

I feel the same way as you! I signed up on Tuesday last week, will be starting everything for real on Monday, and I don't feel like they gave a very good overview of the program...I'm learning all the details from the wonderful people on this board I'll also be on the program for 17 weeks. I'm thinking of asking the person I'm meeting with if there's an alternative to the HNS, since I HATE drinking my calories away. I'm starting at way under 200lbs, and from what it sounds like from other posts on this don't have as much protein on the under 200lbs plan so it might mean fewer HNS? I'll let you know what 'my person' says

As for vitamins and fish oil, I've been taking them right along for years, so I'm just sticking to what I normally use...which also isn't cheap.

I also noticed that your end goal is 1lb lower than mine...any chance you're looking for a 'buddy' type of thing?
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