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Originally Posted by TXRealtor View Post
What other sources are there to buy from that would be cheaper than IP?
On phase one what is the maximum number of carb grams allowed? Protein? fat?


Would my rep/coach allow for products to be bought outside of her control? I mean they make a living out of this, don't they?
Do you guys miss fruits?
Does the soy from health food market have as much protein?
I have in the past bought soy chips from them but it didn't have a lot of protein.
I don't use alternate products but we do have a thread for alternates that discusses lindora, matol, new lifestyles and dr bereinsteins(sp). some one might be able to help you with that who is using one of those.

If you buy all your product outside of your coach, maybe you have an issue as they do make money off the food BUT, probably you could supplement and do ok. Some people have gone to ideal to go or done this on their own with the alternate products.

YES... I miss fruit. When I am at my worst, I use the berry yogurt drink, the mango, or the pineapple. It helps me out a lot. If you are in Canada maybe the orange drink would be helpful.

Soy will vary. You must read the label for ingredients and nutritional content to see if it is ok. I try to avoid soy isoflavones as much as possible.

Watch the soy chips. you can go to the ideal to go site to compare the nutritional data for the soy puffs and see if you can find a chip that is similar in content.

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