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Default questions about IP products

I wrote the following on Friday and I can't keep up with all the wonderful posts. Is there any way to see if someone has answered my question on Friday or do I have to go through all the posts since then? Istarted a version of IP this morning. I ordered some items from Lindora and bought a huge bottle of Muscle Pro from Costco. It tasted pretty good and I had it for bf and lunch. Of course my multivit. is not the same brand but I use a for women tablets.
What other sources are there to buy from that would be cheaper than IP?
On phase one what is the maximum number of carb grams allowed? Protein? fat?


Thanks BevS so much,
What other products of theirs have you used safely (i.e. did not stop losing weight)?
Would my rep/coach allow for products to be bought outside of her control? I mean they make a living out of this, don't they?
Do you guys miss fruits?
Does the soy from health food market have as much protein?
I have in the past bought soy chips from them but it didn't have a lot of protein.
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