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I have been struggling with depression for my entire life. I have also been struggling with my weight my entire life. I am about to turn 25 y/o and feel that this is the time in my life when I should feel my best, instead, I am at my heaviest and cant seem to stick to a routine. I need all the help I can get. It has gotten so bad that I don't want to go to certain places, I feel like everyone is looking at me, it discourages me to go to the gym, and work out in public places. I live in a very hot environment so it is hard for a heavy person to feel comfortable while they are sweating gallons at the same time. I feel at a complete loss and am afraid for my health as well. I already take metformin for my PCOS. I was successful with WW when I was 13/14 y/o but slowly gained the weight back. If anyone can give me some advice on how to start off and keep it steady, some foods that they liked, any tips and tricks! please I am so unhappy the way I am but at the same time feel as though there is no point in trying because its gone too far. Please help....
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