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Ok.. I give. I have been trying to read and catch up all week.. It "AIN'T" happenin'!

So, congratualtions to all the NSVs and the weight loss shown at weigh ins!

Welcome to all the newbies! You'll have fun here.

Vicjul: sorry to hear about your dog. I hope everything worked out well.

CW: I am glad the weight is back off and that you had a great time during the visit. How great that you are nearly in an 8!! That is awesome! Best strong and rely on your faith while your husband is gone. The time will fly by!

Elizabeth! I hope the wedding prep is going well.

Sassy: YOU LOOK AMAZING! I love your photos!

Erin: Yeah! You broke the plateau and I love the updated pics.

Thanks EVERYONE for all the compliments on the pictures. I still have along way to go but, I was so surprised when I saw the way I look then and now side by side, I had to post.

Someone.. Neese??, wanted to know what I had been doing to get to here. It is simple, I follow IP VERY STRICTLY. NO occasional vegetables. NO restricted items. I am only allowed 2 or 3 vanilla ready made drinks a week (coach hasn't wanted to see me more). Lots of chicken and fish. I eat all the veggies and salad I am allowed. Drink a gallon of water a day. Make NO substitutions. I don't exercise. Unless you count an occasional dog walk. I have 3 or 4 blueberry drinks a week and 3 or 4 raspberry Jello a week too. For ME that worked. Check out Novak, Babs, CW, Jordanna, and many others. They have all had amazing success too. Somewhere in all of our experiences is something you will find that works for you but the most likely answer is... FOLLOW IP TO A "T", don't cheat, don't substitute. WEIGH, MEASURE, PREPARE, PLAN AHEAD FOR THE "MOMENT" you are hungry or somewhere you can't get IP food. That should cover it.

Sorry if I missed anyone. It has been a crazy week. I will try to stay caught up next week.

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