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I luv my curves
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Beaka- Congrats on wearing those cute shorts!!!!! Thats a huge accomplishment!

Caliyah -Im in i need a challenge to keep me going. It would be nice if I could shed my 10% before the end of summer.

Jiggle- I hear you, I was just curious though. My problem with losing weight is not looking at the scale and not my cloths its just feeling like it takes too long. Actually I think thats one of the biggest problems most people trying to live healthier have. We expect to lose weight so fast when it doesnt work like that. My biggest motivator is pictures of myself and also seeing different people when I go out clubbing or something lol that always makes me want to lose because I want to look good in certain cloths.

Cake- GO head girlie!!!! Thats awesome.

Brit- you are doing well just keep up the good work hun!!!!

Ive been op with my eating. On thing Ive noticed is that I dont mind working out and going to the gym my problem is watching what I put in my mouth. Ive done good this week but I need persistence.......IM NOT GIVING UP THOUGH!!!!!!

Have a fab weekend!
New Year New Start!

1- 203 back to low
2- 199 - Most important goal!!
3- 180- FINAL Goal/Re-evaluation

"Believe in yourself"
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