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Sounds good jigglefree just post your inches lost -- Honestly I haven't focused on the scale but more so on making sure I hit the gym hard and stay on plan. I regained the 20 pounds I had lost last June and then I recommitted to lose it again starting in March and I'm almost where I was at last summer (199) after 2 months on track. This time I'm determined not to sabotage myself and to keep going. I've had some up weeks and some down weeks and then that big whoosh weight loss so I don't try to stress the scale because I know I"m doing the most I can you know. The only thing I may do if I see my weight has stalled for too long is to change my routine up a bit but thats about all.

Congrats beaka on the shorts!! I haven't gone shopping in forever! hope u have a skinny trip 2

Brit you're doing great so far! I'm sure that plateau will be over before u know it. Whatever you have been doing is working give us your secret lol
Losetogain: If you don't quit, you can't fail.
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