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Matilda - I haven't been on a scale in I don't know how long. I didn't get on the scale when I started. The number could be discouraging and I don't want to have a reason to get discouraged and quit. I have been coming down in sizes pretty good and it's motivates me. To see my clothes getting to big that I was wearing less than six months ago or seeing them fall off me is super motivating and any little room counts especially after I get them out of the dryer!!! So I try on clothes lots. I also measure myself every Saturday Morning. Which is hard because I get upset when it's only a 1/4" or less anywhere, but thankfully there aren't ever any increases. Find one that motivates you and keeps you going.
Beaka - In order to get in those size 10s by October I gotta be super committed. I'm a little worried about the date because I will be sooooo sad if I don't make it. But you are doing the Cake says, Animal Thugin!!
Caliyah - I want to do the challenge but you are doing weigh ins and I don't weigh. Will it be cool to check in and log my inches lost?
Cake - That's an awesome loss in a week. about doing the thang!!
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