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Hmmmm. I dunno if egg whites are more expensive. I buy mine at Costco, I get a 3 cartons for less then $6 (can). I believe 1 carton is 16 egg whites (someone please correct me if I am wrong.) So that is 48 egg whites.

1 carton of 12 eggs on sale is $2 (usually $3). Assuming $2 price, for $6 I would get 36 whole eggs.

Seems about the same as me. I eat both, I love eggs - especially the yolk!

Also, egg white cartons last a while - I go through a 2-3 cartons of eggs before I eat all my egg whites (the 3 pack). When I need to use them up I made a crustless quiche! Also in most of my baking I use egg whites - or if it calls for multiple eggs, I use one egg and the rest egg whites (from the carton of course).
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