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Hey Ladies,
Brit - You are doing great. Please post some pictures so we can see all that hard work.
Matilda - Congrats on the pounds lost so far. As for my motivation: All over my house are signs of my goal and the date I want to get there. It's on the frige, bathroom mirror, dresser, closets, the baby's room, the only place it's not is my car. I also do the calorie counting challenges. The ladies have been extremely motivating and if you post regularly or least read the posts daily you can stay motivated. I also took naked pics of myself and look at them often. I do that monthly and it is amazing to see the rolls of fat disappearing. It's truly profound how your body will ways only you can see. I look at myself in the mirror a lot so I can see the progress I've made so far and it keeps me going cause I want to see how I will look at a size 10. YOU CAN DO IT!! We are going to be here to cheer you on!!
Caliyah - Yes we are worth it. I think whatever the cost we pay for our health is very very worth it.

I've been on plan except for the fish and hush puppies last night. I've been working out hard because I really want to be smaller by the family reunion. It would be nice to be in a 14 by then but I think with my schedule change at work for June and July it may be August before I get there. I will pursue it for the fourth of July though. I can always change my birthday goal if I get there early.
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