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Phase 4 - Aug 14, 2010
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Hi there, I am an old iper from way back, started my journey in Nov but only of phase 1 as on March (followed phase 4 while nursing) till I was done. I am just about at my goal and feel great... I was reading some older posts. I think it was Pookee who said she was on program, feeling yucky and breastfeeding, I was told no back in Nov for a few reasons your body needs about 300-500 calories to make milk so between that and only eating 900-or 1000 cals per day.. even with an extra packet your not getting enough food. Also, ketones will pass thru your milk which are not good for baby, that was why I waited till I was done, I think someone else suggested coming off program till you and your little one are ready to be done nursing I agree. I still lost on phase 4 it was way slower but I was eating healthier which was good for both my son and I, not sure if that helps you at all!!!

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