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I have a social thing tonight that I am thinking of just skipping. Food is being provided, and I would have to bring my own. I have already done that a couple times this last week, and I just don't want to have to explain again why I bring my own food. This time it is just easier to not go. I can't decide.

Carla- You have really lost and it seems fast! I see different things about going to phase 2, but most do okay and still lose slow. It is inevitable that we have to go to that phase.

Novak- You too have phenomenal losses! I bet you can hardly remember being so much heavier.

Jordanna- I too have about the same lbs to get to Onderland. For me that will be a huge milestone. I have tried in the past so many times and fell short. Congrats on the confidence in you by your coach.

Carla(showgirl)- Thank you for sharing your feelings about living with extra weight. I can really relate to many of the things you said as I am sure so many of us can.
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