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Thanks guys. The thing is... not a whole lot motivates me. I'm the kind of person that, if you stick me in a concrete cell with no windows, I'd still find a way to keep myself at least somewhat content. I'd either come up with stories in my head, sleep, sing, etc. Which makes it hard because I am a reward motivated person. What I do with my schoolwork is that I can't go riding until I have all of my schoolwork done and my room cleaned. Or I can't play a specific game until I do. That way it's not the fact that I finished my schoolwork (or lost the weight) that is the reward, because I'm not quite... umm... like that.

I do like the idea of setting aside the money for a new wardrobe. If I do that, I might change the amount to a dollar per "good behavior". That way by the time I reach my goal weight, I will hopefully have more money to spend.

But yeah... it's horrible... but also nice... but I don't complain about circumstances much. People... different story.

ETA: on the thing of the binder, I don't usually have room in my purse/backpack for that (and I travel a lot... ), but about a month ago, I bought this notebook. A smallish notebook, lined paper... and I decorated with all of my favorite things... things that'll make me WANT to take it out... even just to look at those things. And... I might print out some things that I can check off or put stickers on. I do like stickers.

And yeah... I'm a teen... to answer a couple peoples' question.

kaplods - do you think you could show me a picture of your "bingo" thing? I'm not quite "seeing" what you're describing to me.

Desiderata - I move from one place to another too much. I already have a set of weights, a couple exercise DVDs, and running shoes (albeit old running shoes)... and... I'm really not needing much else. A lot of my exercising after the summer (and hopefully my urticaria will die down some at that point) will be going for a morning run with my dog. Something I've always wanted to do... but never had the energy to do (my dog can RUN... ).

Gold32... I'm not motivated by clothing. I guess I could do something like "I can't get my dog a new toy or collar until I reach this weight"... because getting stuff for my dog DOES motivate me. Oooh... for the first like... 20 lbs... I could do a furminator as the goal... I've always wanted one of those things (and it'd be helpful for when I am volunteering at the nearby dog shelter or working at the local vet clinic)... but... the $50 price tag just kind of turned me off...

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