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Originally Posted by pnt6251 View Post
Hi here but visited you a time before....
Yep...I joined and will be starting my 4th week on Tuesday

Wish you all a great week!
Welcome to 3FC!! it's a great place for support!

Originally Posted by sassykimann View Post
Hi ladies,

So after being off IP for a week, after I have my glucose testing and bloodwork I start back on IP today! My endocrinologist want the weight off of me as PCOS makes it super hard to lose it and because we are hoping to start trying to conceive in Sept after our wedding I need to get the wieght off now.

She said as long as my insulin levels have come down and Im not Type 1 diabetic which she is almost positive Im not, I can continue on IP as she said i was very successful and my body loved the diet. So today Im back on IP and excited to get the last 45 pounds off.

Have a great day everyone.
Welcome back Sassy - love the new picture!

Originally Posted by Jtrain View Post
I started in Feb and lost 20lbs and 36 inches the first month....went off plan for a while and have not been able to get back on ever since!!!! WHAT is my problem...I feel like such a looser!!! I've wasted so much money and I just want to get back into Ketosis!!!!!
Grab all your materials from when you started and read them over. Plan out your week food wise and focus on getting through each day without cheating. Once you are back in ketosis it will be so much easier to stay motivated. Anytime you feel like cheating get back on the boards and talk it through with everyone! You've lost 20 lbs in a month, use that motivation to push you forward!

Originally Posted by neeseebaby22 View Post
Good Morning, Good Morning, Good Morning!!!

Today is my 1st day on the IP diet and so far so good. I woke up this morning around 7am I had a cup of water then got me and my son ready to leave. It wasnít until 9:15am till I have my banana pudding (did I wait too long to have breakfast?) I took my 10 mineral drops 10 minutes before I ate now Iím drinking water. Is there something else I should be doing in between time? Also, my coach told me it wasnít necessary to exercise, is that true? Who else was told the same?
***Starting weight 268.5! *** I need my fat girl days to be over!
SN: I went to fashion trends this weekend at the Lauderhill mall and seen a few outfits I liked. I havenít really noticed how big Iíve gotten until I went to the dressing room and "tried" to squeeze into my old size. I was hurt. I almost cried, like ďOMG what have I becameĒ. Sex is terrible (my belly is in the way) with my partner because I canít move around or quickly enough in bed. How sexy is it to try to switch position and it takes about a whole minute to do it, can we say turn-off...ugh (sorry if thatís TMI) Iím just a very blunt person. I call it how I see it. holla!!!
Welcome to 3FC and Ideal Protein, it's a great diet!! I've lost 65 lbs in 4 months. I've gone from almost weighing 300 lbs to almost being in the 100's in that time! If you focus and stay true to the program you will succeed!

Originally Posted by carlasherea View Post
I finally saw it!!! My scale hasn't read the 160's for probably 5 years Woo Hoo!!!! 169 to be exact, so barely there, but hey its there. I am still trying to decide if switching to Phase 2 was a good idea. My coach wants me to for a little while to shock my body and switch things up. I gained .2 lbs the first week on Phase 2 and will weigh in on Wednesday. It has to be a loss though because usually I am 2 lbs different from my scale to theirs. If mine says 169 theirs should be somewhere around 171 or so. Here's hoping.

Great job on everyone's losses and NSV's!! I am also thinking of lowering my goal weight. I'm not being selfish, but I didn't realize it would be this easy to get to 160
Hooray Carla - congrats on seeing the 160's that's fantastic!!

Originally Posted by smithaa View Post
Day 2 and feeling [email protected]! Was considering jumping on the elliptical, then I read a post that said most are discouraged from exercise on IP. Really?! If you do/did exercise while on IP -- what did you do?

I'm so glad I bought some options because eating "crunchy" (NOT) cereal and mushroom soup for 7 days may make me crazy!

LOVE all your posts about progess by week. That such great reading. Especially since right now Phase II seems FOREVER away!
Regarding exercise, keep your heart rate lower, be able to talk through the exercise and limit it to 30 minutes per day and it will benefit your weight loss. Anything more than that and you're body isn't getting enough calories to sustain the workout. Maybe talk to your coach about adding an extra package of food to help!

Originally Posted by QueenJumbie View Post
I had my first WI on Friday, when I had been on IP for 5 days. I was 7lbs down which was great. Wouldn't it be wonderful if it was 7lbs every week! This weekend was my first IP Weekend and I did have a little bit of a cheat with some cheese. I kept it under 1oz., but still fell off the wagon some. Good news is that I stayed in large ketosis during my cheat. I'm going to try to stay on plan this week. All of the people on here meeting your goals is a great modivation.
Congrats on your first loss!! You might not get 7 lbs every week but you'll be surprised how fast the weight melts off you!

Originally Posted by DiscoSuzy View Post
I had my first weigh-in this morning and I'm down 7.2lbs!! Yay!!! I'm so excited! I can totally see a difference in my body and I feel great! Definately an incentive to keep going!!!
Woohoo - congrats on your first loss, that's fantastic! Keep up the good work!
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