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Originally Posted by SylvieG View Post
That is what the label indicated but I fit in size 6/8 now so maybe it was mislabelled! Cannot tell you how strange it felt! Haven't had the chance to tell her - hoping on showing it to her by the end of June!

Still loosing inches but the scale is going up and no cheating involved... HELP!!
SYLVIE! Didn’t you just switch to a new phase??? I have heard that a slight pop up in weight followed by another loss is normal. It has something to do with your body adjusting to the new foods and building up a little glycogen again. I wouldn’t worry yet. I will come back off.


ALL of us have faced some temptation or craving while working this program. Each of us has had to deal with an emotional or stressful moment and food. I put this on the thread late last night but thought, why not, maybe it could be useful to someone this week. Sometimes the hardest thing about change your diet or losing weight is how long it can take. Sure, some of us only have 10, 15, or 20 pounds to lose while other are dealing with 85, 100, or more but, when you are only losing a pound a week that 10 pounds can seem like FOREVER and takes the same amount of determination and focus to achieve WHAT YOU WANT! Sometimes knowing and keeping in front of you, the things you value, the things you have learned you want, your reasons or burning “why” are all we can do to get to our goals. So, stay focused and remember, you are doing this for “life”.
Originally Posted by showgirlaz View Post
Think about something you really want! A few weeks ago, maybe before you joined us, one of our group asked each of us what our motivation was for losing. WHAT is that THING that you REALLY REALLY want or look forward to when you are at your goal weight? What drives you to even begin to care if you are a thin, healthy weight? Try to answer that and keep that in front of you when you are needing to get past a craving or temptation. Maybe make a visual board of the thing or things so you can look at it each day.
For me, being thin again, gives me back my life. I know it seems dramatic but, that is how much I have hampered myself by living in my "fat self". I have spent the past 15 or so years like this :
I don't feel comfortable in groups. I don't play sports they way I use to or want to. I am self conscious at the gym doing certain activities because I don't like how I look doing some things. I don't dress how I want because the things don't fit. I don't flirt because who would date the fat girl. I don't try or take chances on anything where image might be of importance. And so, much more.

I most look forward to looking at my life through "normal" eyes. Through being the person I want to be and not being ashamed of who I had become. I can't wait to be skiing, surfing, scuba diving, pool parties, playing volley ball, hiking, traveling (and not feeling cramped in the chair), snowboarding, playing tennis, golfing, dance lessons, ballet, better yoga moves, chasing my nieces and nephews, and more! I want to build a great wardrobe of designer clothes. I want to wear my mother and grandmother's heirloom jewelry. I would like to model again. I want to curl up in my big chair, with a good book, and FEEL small. I want to be healthy and live long ( my grandparents and great grandparents, great aunts and uncles have all lived to their 90's and 100's). I want to be able to help other people with what I know about the body, health, and nutrition and not have them thinking "yeah, right! So why are YOU fat??"

These are some of my motivators! WHAT are yours! ???

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Taking this 10 pounds at a time!

You have to choose - eat how you want to look, or look how you want to eat...

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