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Originally Posted by showgirlaz View Post
THANKS! I am just amazed! I was never able to wear those sizes before at this weight so I am floored that I even got into them. I know I have spent the past few years working out a lot, lifting weights and doing strength training but I guess it is starting to show as the body fat is burning off? ELIZABETH!! Any thoughts?? I just checked and my thigh measurements are smaller than they were 15 years ago in a pair of jeans I used to wear. I am a pretty definite hour glass shape and have a large/heavy bone structure so, I used to fit into smaller sizes than my weight would suggest but this is surprising even to me.

Again, MUSCLE WEIGHS MORE THAN FAT! I tell my clients ALWAYS to focus more on inches or how their clothes fit for that reason... The scale frustrates them but them when you ask them how their clothes fit they say "yeah I'm smaller" HAHAHAHA

At my smallest size as a trainer (a size 6 I believe) I too was 15 to 20lbs heavier than the last time I fit into that size. And muscle is GREAT because you look good with definition AND that muscle BURNS fat more!

The scale helps us gauge some things but we get quite obsessed (at least I know I do) with that number and forget how our clothes are getting smaller ;-)

WAY TO GO on your NSV!!!

Congrats Sassy on the news! and I love your new pic too!

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