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S/C/G: h254/IP248/186/130 or size 4

Height: 5'5" size 12 mostly


Originally Posted by yelliemom View Post

That is great, Carla! I must admit though that I'm slightly jealous because I noticed that we are the same height and I was never able to wear a size 8 or 10 at your current weight. The last time I wore a size 10 I was probably 135 lbs. It's amazing that you can be the same height and weight as another person, but still have such different shaped bodies. Anyways, congrats on your NSVs today. Your commitment to the plan is definitely paying off!
THANKS! I am just amazed! I was never able to wear those sizes before at this weight so I am floored that I even got into them. I know I have spent the past few years working out a lot, lifting weights and doing strength training but I guess it is starting to show as the body fat is burning off? ELIZABETH!! Any thoughts?? I just checked and my thigh measurements are smaller than they were 15 years ago in a pair of jeans I used to wear. I am a pretty definite hour glass shape and have a large/heavy bone structure so, I used to fit into smaller sizes than my weight would suggest but this is surprising even to me.

As I think back, other people have indicated the same thing. I think Sylvie was one that was in a smaller size than she anticipated too and, maybe Barb was the other one??? Anyone you may have some surprises ahead of you yet!

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Showgirlaz That's some good news !!
Originally Posted by Lady5andy View Post
To those of you who are missing alcool, and a drink or two, I've done something great when everyone around me is partying and I can't have a drink.
Mojito Cocktail:
1 cup of Perrier
1 cup of Tap water
Sprinkle splenda to taste
3-4 leafs of fresh mint
1 splash of Mint Extract
3 splash of Rhum Extract
Lemon juice

Mix all this together with ice. This really taste like a mojito!

Bananas Mamas Cocktail:

2 splash of banana extract
1 splash of coconut extract
1 splash of rhum extract
2-3 lemon slice
1 cup Perrier
1 cup tap water (well you can only put Perrier if you want)

Mix all this together with crushed ice, add splenda if you want, and it taste like Bahamas!!
THANK YOU!!! You just made my day! I love and miss my summer mojitos and pool side drinks. I haven't had a drop of anything since October. Just today BF (boyfriend) and I were talking and I told him how I had hoped to be done by summer so I could enjoy these things again! You just made my day with your recipes!

Originally Posted by SylvieG View Post
NSV: non-scale victory! Just had one as my sister-in-law, gave me a skirt that was too big for her (sized 0-1!!!!). At first, I thought that she wanted to laugh at me but I tried it on and event thought it is not as good looking as it could be, I was able to put it on and to button it up!!

Too bad the scale still deprives me of the 130s... It has been 2 weeks between 140 and 142...
Bravo!! A size 0!!! ??? OMG!! I can't begin to see myself in that size. I still have 23 pounds to get to your weight but, to see a size 0! I might just FAINT! You must be so proud of all you have accomplished! What did your sister-in-law say about you in the skirt??

Originally Posted by pookee View Post
Awww, thank you Carla.
Congratulations on your new found clothing size!!! What a fabulous experience!
Thank you! I am just confirming I am a good size 10 but, what a nice treat that size 8 sliding on and zipping was!

Has your baby started eating solid foods yet? My nephew is 18 months and a little chow hound! He loves his veggies, fruit, meat and cheese. Not much for the sweets but he sure can pack away the rest! Not a fat little guy either. He has always shown signs of being large. His head was 14.5" around at birth and he was 10.5 pounds, 26 inches long. His shoulders were so large that the collar bones broke during birth. Even his hands were large too! He had an 2" first! Anyway, now, he eats, acts, and looks like a 2.5 year old. My sister teaches him at home and he is speaking English, Spanish, and Sign language. He can even read/recognize 75 words and say what they are and give the sounds (if they make one). She has been using that "your baby can read" program and it has surprised us all how well it works!

My Progress Photos

Taking this 10 pounds at a time!

You have to choose - eat how you want to look, or look how you want to eat...
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