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Originally Posted by Lady5andy View Post
@Jordanna This is a good idea. I might do that too, like maybe 2 restricted packet or less for one week, because since I've started to eat those restricted items, I'm losing like 1-2 pounds, and before it was 3-5 pounds, so maybe that explain a lot..

Using the restricted packet as a treat, and not as ''an obligation'' Thank you for this idea !


Also, I don't know if anyone else is thinking like me, but I feel that the restricted packet like chips, soypuff, chocolate bar or others restricted items are giving me the bad habit of taking chocolate or chips at night. I usually have them in front of the TV at 9-10 pm, so I was wondering if at the end of my IP diet, I'll be tempted to continue with such foods at night but instead of proteins, they'll be like Lays, or Hershey.. Eating those regularly is a bad habit for the future, I think.

Using them as a treat once a week is something we'll be able to do after our diet with real chips or chocolate without gaining back the weight, but we'll gain the weight back if we eat this everyday..

(I don't know if I'm explaining correctly, I hope you're understanding me even if my english isn't perfect...)
I completely agree with you. I have some restricted items but I don't eat one daily. I eat maybe 2 or 3 a week. I like to have them on hand because I would much rather "cheat" with a restricted bar than something much worse.

Originally Posted by showgirlaz View Post
OK ... NSV alert!

I decided to go through my last amount of "when I used to be small clothes - all size 8 and 10". I could get them all on!!! Even the items I wore at the end of high school, 23 years ago! I was shocked! I am a good 20 pounds heavier than back then. And, it is the same clothing! They were a tad snug but not bad. All zipped, no uni-boob looks, and could sit. The 10's were a pretty good fit and the 8's are almost right. SOOO..... boyfriend and I went shopping.

When we were at Nordstrom's I tried on several items. I have always wanted some designer jeans and clothes and haven't been able to fit them. GUESS WHAT! The sizes I picked were TOO BIG!! YEAH! What I finally found was that I can were size 29 jeans/jean shorts and size 10 dresses! My bustline is too big for anything smaller right now. I was shocked. I was even told by another shopper that my legs looked skinny in the pair of jeans I had on! I didn't say it, just smiled with a thank you, but thought "OH, HONEY! If you had only see these thighs at a size 30 inches 5 months ago!" LOL

Feeling pretty good about how things are going!
That is great, Carla! I must admit though that I'm slightly jealous because I noticed that we are the same height and I was never able to wear a size 8 or 10 at your current weight. The last time I wore a size 10 I was probably 135 lbs. It's amazing that you can be the same height and weight as another person, but still have such different shaped bodies. Anyways, congrats on your NSVs today. Your commitment to the plan is definitely paying off!

Karleem I'm been eating some restricted items since my 3rd week and I haven't noticed any slowdown in my weight loss. I've had weeks where I've had a bar every single day, but recently I decided to have them less frequently. I didn't make the change because I wasn't losing weight, but because I didn't want to get into the habbit of thinking that I needed to eat a candy bar like chocolate every single day.

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