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Originally Posted by jordanna View Post
last night we went for a family bike ride & stopped for ice cream. My husband got my favorite flavor (toasted coconut)...I had one little taste and it was so good. I can't wait to treat myself this summer. This morning my scale said I weighed 211.8 I know that's probably not significant to anyone but it is to me...I've officially lost 62.6 lbs, which is .1 lb over my half way point!! I'm half way to goal!!

I have one restricted item per week, it's just a rule I have for myself.

I have a lot of weight to lose and I'll lose it faster if I don't have restricted items. There are even some coaches who say no restricted items at all until after you're at 70% weight loss. Most coaches just limit your restricted intake for the first few weeks just to jump start your weight loss and ketosis.
Congratulations!! You are doing so GOOD with this program! I am sure your whole family is cheering with you having reached the 1/2 way mark!

I wish my coach would sell me a restricted. NOPE! I am not allowed a restricted item until I am at my goal weight.. not 70, 80 OR 90%.. I have to be done! It makes it very hard especially after 6 months and now losing so much more slowly each week. It will be another 8 to 10 weeks before I get a restricted!

Originally Posted by smithaa View Post
Started IP today and of course, being Sunday can't just call up my coach.

Perhaps I'm overthinking the idea of lettuce. Would that be iceburg only? Or can it be romaine or leaf? Can that include arugula or spinach? Believe the latter are vegatables, perhaps I can have lots of iceburg w/2 cups spinach?

Also read on here about adding a 4th pack if hungry. Is that like a 2nd snack pack? Say pudding in afternoon & pudding after dinner? My coach recommended buying bar & eating a small piece if hungry. Not wanted to be tempted, I didn't buy them so I'd still to only protocol.

Finally -- other than water, what can we drink? Is black coffee or decaf unsweet ice tea OK? Thanks for any tips.

Hoping for the best & fearing the worst. This was my birthday present to myself. What was I thinking
Lettuce is lettuce. My coach recommended staying with romaine but you can use iceberg or butter leaf or green leaf/red leaf or Rocket/arugula. Spinach, "collards, kale, dandelion, mustard, turnip or beet" greens are counted as a vegetable. I always mix mine up. ALSO, if I eat the spinach raw, I haven't worried about having a large salad of it with 2 cups of other veggies. Spinach is 0 carb per cup if raw.

The extra (4th) packet, I was told, is for whenever you need it. If you need it in the afternoon use it there. It is to be a NONRESTRICTED food item.

I wasn't given a limit on coffee or brewed tea. I could have regular or decaf or herbal so long as it was brewed not bottled or mixed and didn't have any form of sweetener, flavor, or citric acid pre-added. It was suggested I could flavor my water with a little lemon, mint, basil, or cucumber. I was told to drink more water on days I was having caffeine. I was told I could added splenda, stevia, extracts, or italian soda/coffee syrups that were sugar-free made of splenda (like torani, da vinci, or artisan brands).

I hope that helps! WELCOME! And, have a great week! Stay focused and on plan for the next 4 days, whatever it takes, even if you have to go up to 5 packets for the first 3 days. DON'T Cheat at all. You will be amazed at how much easier it gets and how much success you will have.

Originally Posted by Addy View Post
I posted this on the old thread just before it was closed.
Hello everyone!
I just want to say how great it is to read everyones progress and support here. My husband and I will be starting our IP on Tuesday.. I can't wait!!

I am new to the bords, but not new to weight loss. I was in WW for a long time and I started off strong. I lost 180lbs but after being on the program for 3 years, I fell off hard! over the past 4 years I have managed to gain 100 of those lbs back. My husbands co-worker is using IP with amazing results, I thought.. why not, all I have to loose is weight.

I look forward to reading everyones success and tips and I will try to share my journey as well.

Wishing everyone a wonderful day ..

WELCOME!! Best wishes to both you and your husband. HOW NICE that he is doing this with you!

Originally Posted by Lady5andy View Post
WOAH !!! That's so great !!! Bravo!!!

I weighted this morning with my scale at home, and it say : 168 ! YAY, I'm under 170!

Someone said on the new thread that they have one item/week. I though it was 1/day ?
WOO HOOO!!! Excellent result! You and I are the same height and weight right now! I wonder how we will both be losing. I have been doing this for so many months, I am now losing just a pound or two a week. I bet you will be below me very soon!

Depending on the restricted item, some are 1 per day, some are 2 per week. Jordanna is allowing herself only 1 per week of any restricted (it sounds like that to me; I hope I am right) but, that is her choice and not her coach's restriction.

I agree with you about the habits we are forming while on the diet. I keep thinking by the time I have reached my ideal weight, I won't know how to go to sleep without having a pudding first!

Originally Posted by pookee View Post
I am only breastfeeding 3 times a day (my girl is 17 months old). My coach knew about this, which is why I was told to take 4 packets a day. But, I have been wanting to wean her for a few months now so maybe now is the time! Time for me to get my body back, right?! I'm sure that will help with my mood, as well.
You are such a good mom! You have really gone a long time nursing, well past the window where the good health, immunity, and antibodies are transfered. I am sure any choice you make at this time will be fine.

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