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ok... took me a moment to understand that last part.

Yeah... I do see your point... but... I don't spend that much money to begin with... and for me... since I'm ALWAYS so busy, it's hard for me to regulate what I do "better" or "worse" a lot of times, and the only way that I see that I can truly see the difference is in the actual weight. If it's water weight... it's water weight. And if I gain, and that's water weight, then I just work harder, and I still earn money... I just can't spend it.

Like I said... I do see your point, but I'm so scatterbrained as it is, that it's kind of hard for me to completely see something as a specific "success" or "failure". I have a tendancy to forget most of my day... if probed, I can remember... but it doesn't come back up easily.

I dunno... maybe I'm completely wrong in this...
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