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Default Thoughts on this "rewards" system for weight loss?

I'm the kind of person who has to directly see the results of what I'm doing. So... for quite a while I have been trying to think of something I could do to reward my weight loss (apparently my subconscious doesn't think that weight loss itself is a big enough reward), to make me WANT to lose weight.

Well... I think I've thought of something.

I like to buy things. Not ALL the time... but I do. I also have the money to do this... but since my parents are currently paying for everything for me (food, housing, some of the extras), I dont' really have any necessities to pay for... just fun stuff.

So... I was thinking:

$5 per pound. I weigh once a week, and can only get the reward if I have in excess of 1 lb, preferably 2 lbs. If I gain, I have to physically earn $10 per pound. Meaning I have to find a job doing something (like an odd job, even just with parents) where I have to earn at least the $10 per pound. But the catch is that it has to be something physical, like going out and mowing the lawn out at the campsite that they're working on, or fixing fences on the ranch where I will be living with my grandparents next year, etc. Stuff that needs to be done, but I'd be doing it instead of them. So I'd still be working off whatever, which I don't always particularly enjoy doing...

But if I lose a lb when I weigh in, I have $5 I can use that week, so it becomes an incentive to lose more than 1 lb (more like 2 or 3) so that I can have a bit more to use. And it's for the whole week or I can put it in a savings account for a slightly bigger prize.

I do have around 60-70 lbs I'm wanting/needing to lose... so altogether that's around $300 to $350.

So... thoughts? Does anyone else use a reward system? I have no desire for new clothes, no desire for specific foods/treats... but since I have constant mood swings, I never know WHAT I might want... so the money would be better than one thing every week.

I'd be doing whatever it takes to lose the weight, most likely calorie counting with consistent exercise (probably swimming and/or walking/hiking due to my urticaria stuff).
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