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Originally Posted by Lady5andy View Post

I was in a drugstore yesterday, and I just ordered some Ketostick. I was wondering, how do you use it ? On the IP phase, are you supposed to be in ketosis everyday? Or just at the begining?

Also, my coach never telled me to count the carbs ? I would like to, to be sure I'm not killing my efforts to lose weight by eating too much, so I was wondering how much carbs do you eat each day everyone? Do you count carbs minus fiber ?

And last question for today : I was at Loblaws (a grocery in Quebec, I don't know if you have it in the US) and I was where the powder for protein shake are.. I was looking to the nutritionnal information of Isoweight (1 carbs, 24 protein, 1 fat for a shake) and I was wondering if I could replace my IP premade shake by that?
The ketosticks are easy to use. There should be directions on the package but, you use them when you are on the toilet. You only need to check once in awhile for peace of mind.

My coach never said how many carbs to count either. I have just watched to find what works for me. I have heard others say anywhere between 25 net carbs to 40 carbs.

I think that you could use the isoweight as a replacement if it doesn't contain maltitol, maltodextrin, or aspartame.

Originally Posted by pookee View Post
I am realizing that my coach completely sucks... especially since he started to get his receptionist to do our meetings and she just reads things out of the quick reference manual. I would change coaches, but he is a good friend and I don't want to offend.

I really need some help. I am not feeling good on this diet at all. I am light-headed, dizzy, grumpy and tired all the time. I am getting my sea salt, olive oil, veggies, salad, protein, and taking 4 protein packs a day (I was told to take 1 extra every day because I am still breastfeeding). I am taking all vitamins, cal-mag, and the potassium, and the enzymes (I wasn't told to take anything else). So, why do I feel so horrible?? help!
Hey! I don't think you are supposed to be using this if you are still breastfeeding. The calories are MUCH too low for what you need in a day.
Talk to your doctor or coach, this diet doesn't provide balanced nutrition you need while nursing a baby. Wait til you have stopped breast feeding then, try to drop the weight is my humble opinion.

Originally Posted by pitakitten View Post
I am really hoping that everything averages out. I am also begining to think that I can't do this. I seem to cheat once a week and it always always involves alcohol. I sometimes think I will not loose anymore but then I look at everyone else who has been on this diet longer than me and they have managed to do it so unless I am a genetic freak then it must happen to me too. bottom line though; i really think things will average out at the end, wherever the end is.
The more you pull yourself in and out of ketosis with the cheats on alcohol, crackers, bagels, rice, candy, sweet, cookies/pastries, or any other items, THE HARDER this diet is and THE WORSE you will feel. I don't wish to be mean but the truth is, you MUST be committed to doing this and getting it over with. Going in and out of ketosis is hard on your body chemistry and literally makes you feel horrible. If you can get started and stick with it the cravings will go away, the energy will go up, and you will feel GOOD!

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