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Would you guys like to start a weekly weigh-in thread just for those of us who don't go to meetings? That could be our form of accountability since we don't go and weigh in at WW. When I was losing all that weight a few years ago, posting in the weekly weigh-in thread in the 100 lb club was a motivator for me. I'm weighing in on Fridays, and I lost 4 pounds in my first week back on the plan. I was surprised, since I only worked out twice (hard to find time with my toddler clinging to me all day long) and I ate a LOT of points. I decided to start slowly and give myself 35 points a day AND 35 flex points. I don't know how many points I'm technically supposed to get (I'm still nursing, so I know that adds a few), but I don't really care. I'm starting with this many and then reducing when I get the hang of counting again. If I don't lose anything next week, I'll take it down a notch. That's how I did it before -- I just played with my points levels to get the results I wanted.

Anyway, what do you say to a weekly weigh-in thread for us no-meeting chicks? Or should we be in the WW at Home forum?

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