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Hi Bigmama5! I can absolutely relate to you on all counts. It is a painful and fustrating situation. I have had this problem prior to IP as well. the longest I went without going was 21 days! Not healthy. I have found that when it gets uncomfortable I take an inexpensive liquid found at almost all drugstores called Magnesium Citrate. If you take enough, it will clear you out. IF that does not work, definitely make an appointment to see your doctor. That is the stuff my doc told me at the 21 day mark, and it worked. Right now I am using a herbal supplement call "Floralax" it was given to me by my IP coach. All natural and does not cause dependancy. It took two days of taking it to start things moving, but it does seem to help me.
Deinektze is also right, activity helps. If you can find some time in your day to take a walk that may get you in the right direction. Also trying to have a schedule to your day..eating at the same times etc. can help some people.
Good luck, I know this must be driving you nuts!

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