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One thing I've noticed from reading and hearing others weight loss stories is that often the biggest struggles don't come from losing the weight. Generally we all can find a way to lose weight. Keeping it off and long term success is the hardest thing.

One of the challenges for all of us including myself is dealing with setbacks. This almost assuredly will not be the last time in your life that you gain back some weight that you lost. We can all do things to help prevent that but it happens! When it does happen the way that we all react to it is very important often critical to our success. Extreme guilt or beating ourselves up can lead to emotional eating, unhealthy habits, and extreme discouragement. But even if it may be hard we can change our internal dialogue and what we do when weight gain happens. Don't be too hard on yourself! Use this as motivation to get back on track.

I've been struggling with my own body issues too. Regardless of how you feel or might see yourself trust that the scale is showing your success. You've lost 25 pounds. 25 pounds! That is great.
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