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Being in the Army I had no choice but to be physically fit. Deployments, field exercises, road marches, PT every single day....I could do and eat as I pleased and never ever had to worry about putting on weight. I used to run a 7 minute mile.

Now I work for the Dept. of Defense in a very sedentary (but challenging) position as a Satellite Systems Engineer. I sit on my butt all day long and I apparently kept up my ways of unhealthy eating but now lacked the physical demands of Army life.

Seeing the scale top 200lbs absolutely killed me and I knew that if I didn't do something now that it may be too late. So I just switched my mind back into the Army way of thinking and I started kicking my own *** on a daily basis. The big change was my style of eating. I'm not 21 anymore w/the metabolism of a cheetah, so the change to my diet was the biggest adjustment that I had to make.

Nobody ever says "I wish I didn't workout today"

Mini-Goal Photo Thread

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