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I got tired of shopping in the fat women's clothing section where there is very little choice.
I tired of being out of breath when my family wants to be active, such as hiking, going to a theme park, etc. etc.
I got tired of hurting (fibromyalgia, degeneration in my spine, knees and ankle problems).
I got tired of looking frumpy no matter what I put on.

I got tired of being fat, being paranoid i wasn't going to fit into rides at the amusment park, or on an airplane, got tired of buying new clothes because I got tooooo fat to wear my old ones. I got tired of the looks from my daughter's playmates. I got tired of the "fat" humor from family. And ultimately I got tired of old people (nursing home) asking me when my baby was due (when I was not pregnant).

that's my reasons, I basically got tired of being fat and all the stuff that goes along with it.

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