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Lovesbirds ~
I'd just like to say that my mom is the SAME way. ****, that woman even argues with HER OWN doctors. She reads & reads & reads (and so do I!) and she is the type to believe everything she reads, especially if it came from a (so-called) reputable source. *IF THERE'S ONE THING I'VE LEARNED*.... it's that even the experts can be wrong sometimes! - "they" always said that eggs were good for you! - then suddenly "THEY" said that eggs were bad-bad-bad! Now "they" are saying eggs are good again!... so how do we know what to believe?

I research so much; what my mom says, what my doc says, what people say on this forum, etc-etc-etc. I read books, articles, ask my doc about what I've read, etc.

And ya know what? I think I'm on complete Information Overload. I swear, half the time I don't know WHAT to believe - not just about dieting/exercise, but about herbs, medications, & so forth.

But one thing I DO KNOW - my body has proven itself! - in order for me to LOSE WEIGHT and BE HEALTHY, I need to exercise more, eat less, and make the most of my food intake from protein and veggies, and eat as clean as possible (that is, no processed foods) 80% of the time.

And make no mistake about it... it's hard for me! - partially because I have a sweet tooth from ****, partially because I've yo-yo dieted soooo many years I have just screwed my metabolism way up, and partially because sometimes I just would flat out rather sit on my bo-honkus than get up & BE active.

Otherwise, I'm cool with it.

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