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I remember when i was 12/13 years old, i was about 4'11" (only an inch shorter than now lol) and i get on the scale with 2 of my friends and they both weighed 90-something pounds, and i weighed 104.

I wasn't fat then, i actually was skating a lot, i had very very muscular legs, a tiny waist, and no boobs to speak of (that of course changed) But i was young and impressionable and i thought oh wow, i am 10lbs heavier than these girls... i am too fat. I couldn't get past what the scale said, because that was the only measure of fitness i knew.

So i have been trying to lose weight for the past 10 years of my life. Probably more even. And i have at times been successful, there was a time in high school where i was around 120-125, i wasn't super thin, but i was healthy, and boys considered me very very attractive. LOL and of course thats all i cared about.

When i was 18, i got married, i got fat and i was very very miserable, and lonely. Food was a comfort.

When i turned 20 i got divorced, i was way stressed out, i was miserable, i was lonely, and the weight melted off me like a butter in a microwave, probably because i was so stressed out and had some serious control issues (or lack of control issues) and i developed and eating disorder. AKA i ate an energy bar every 2 days and lived of sugar-free redbull. Also had some other issues with cutting at the time... needless to say it was not a great time for me. But iwas skinny and that was great. I was about 115 at my lowest.

115 was a great weight for me. Its alot better than where im at now, but at the time i never worked out and so i was like a skinny fat, i still looked chubbby because i had not muscle tone. 115 is like where i would like to be again, but this time, im going to add some muscle to my flabby butt lol

So anyways lets fast forward to now. I've met my amazing fiance, unfortunately for me that means i was happy, and he liked for me to eat, he took me out all the time, we both love fast food, and eating out and for 3 years of dating we have let some unhealthy eating habits develop.

He gained 15 lbs (and still looks amazing, btw), I've gained like 50. Anyways me and my fiance are getting married on september 12. That is why i am 100% committed to getting in shape. For the first time in my life, i am actually very happy with most of the things going on in my life. The one thing that has chronically plagued me is my weight. and i want it under control before i start my new life and faily with my fiance.

Also it helps that i will have to where a beautiful dress in front of all our family and friends. And because its a beach wedding/reception, there is a strong likelihood i will be in a bikini also.

And besides all those reasons, well im just really sick of being fat. I'm want to be hot while im still young enough to enjoy it. Also i want to be in good shape for when me and my fiance start to have kids. I want to give them the best start in life, so i need to take care of myself as well.

So there are alot of reason now is the time for me to get in shape. So I would really be letting myself down if i didnt commit to it now.

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