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Originally Posted by mamaerinb View Post
just a question for everyone. where are you losing weight mostly on your body?
I lost in my waist first and, evenly across my body all along, however I have only recently been seeing steady loss across my hips and thighs. I am always heavier in that area.

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I've had my 25 posts and have been a member for 20 days but can't seem to figure out where our how to add a signature.
Originally Posted by mamaerinb View Post
same hereibdadozer, i've pretty much given up the idea of ever having one!
Elizabeth posted great directions for getting your signature ticker. When you are in the forums, the purple bar below the header has the USER CP tab at the far left, if you can edit your signature you can actually access the ticker developer from there. When you click on edit signature it comes up with a paragraph about your signature. In one spot in the paragraph it says to add a ticker click here, literally "click" on the "click here" it will take you to create a ticker, then copy ALL of the code, you have to get all of it or it won't show up, then paste that code into the large signature box.

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ugh - stupid purolator lied to laptop did not arrive yesterday. It says agian today that it's out on the truck for delivery..I'm waiting in anticipation. I feel so out of the loop and I truly believe my diet has suffered by not being submerged in the 3FC and blogging world of healthy living.

Cross your fingers that it will in fact arrive today...I miss you guys
Fingers are crossed! We can't wait to have you back. You are still doing so well without us! AND, so close to you June goal!!

Originally Posted by CanadianMama View Post
Good morning everyone,

Even thou I know I should look at the scale I did this morning, and I am down 4 pounds already.

My question on day 2 is how do you get in your teaspoon of sea salt. DO you just suck it up and drink it in one glass or do you spread it through the day.
Congrats on the great start! Regarding the salt, get a small container or old/empty salt shaker, daily measure out your required salt, shake it on everything you can, and then, add what is left to some water and drink it. If you start getting headaches, just dump the salt into a glad of water and swallow fast. I take my 1/2 tsp in a 6oz cup of water once a day. very concentrated but I can "chug" 6 oz faster than 12 oz! lol

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Hi! This is my first post on this web site but I have been reading a lot the last few days.

Originally Posted by Chaplains wifey View Post
Hello everyone . I have been away for 5 days with my husband on a little trip . We are having a great time and enjoying having James back home with us for a few weeks . I cheated on Mothers day . I had real salad dresing and a small bowl of icecream . But to my surprise I have lost 3 lbs this week ! YEah .

I saw family for the first time since I lost my weight and everyone could not beleive how skinny I was . LOL .Skinny . That sounds so funny to me . But it sure did make me feel good . I am so close to my goal but Im thinking of moving it to 150 instead of 160 .

I have one more week with my husband before he returns to Iraq for another 5 months . He leaves on the 20th and our anniversarry is on the 21st so we will celebrate a little early and I will probably cheat on that day then back to the strict IP diet . So ready to be to my goal . Hope everyone had a great mothers day ! Everyone is doing so great !
I am so glad to hear you are having a great time and still having AWESOME success! How wonderful to have all your family acknowledging your efforts. You must have felt FABULOUS! Wow, one week. Enjoy every minute of it. I hope you have a fantastic anniversary too! How nice that he was able to stay so near to the actual date!

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Well I'm not an expert but found this online so I will share it. My coach never said anything to me as of why not so...

This was written by a registered dietitian and it is part of an article that appeared in Wise Traditions in Food, Farming and the Healing Arts

Read more: Aspartame, NutraSweet, Equal, Spoonful
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Very interesting post! There is a lot of negative feedback on aspartame for health concerns. Unfortunately, Monsanto owns the rights to aspartame and they pushed hard for the approval and have a great lobby. It isn't likely to go anywhere even though there are many studies showing how unsafe it is. Splenda is the current "favored" sweetener but, even it is having a lot of issues and the medical community has been asking the FDA to reevaluate the product. Only recently has Saccharin had its "black label" status removed and is no longer seen as a cancer causer. Acesulfame-k is also plagued with health issues. In general, it is not healthy for our bodies to use chemicals. It messes up our hormones and neurotransmitters and contributes to ailments. In my opinion some people experience this more than others. It doesn't help when government agencies and advocacy organizations endorse products.

I personally don't use fake stuff. It has been the hardest part of this diet for me. I hate using all the splenda/sucralose and the Ace-K. I look at it the way a doctor explained it. " we wouldn't normally suggest someone take rat poison but, in the case of someone with blood clot it is necessary to take coumadin (blood thinner made essentially from rat poison) because the benefits of the chemical outweigh the risks of the clots. Likewise, I don't recommend a steady diet of chemical sweeteners but, the risk of remaining obese outweighs the risk associated to a RELATIVELY short term use of the sweeteners."

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