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Originally Posted by BlueMermaid View Post
Hi Everyone,

I have had a hard time catching up to what is going on since I have been so busy with my new network marketing business. Great job on NSV's and losses. To those of you struggling to stick to the plan, I am right there with you. I keep climbing back on the horse though.
So nice to have you back! Don't worry about catch up too much. Just jump in, ask questions, you've been missed! So nice to hear you found a product and a business opportunity all in one. I wish you lots of success!

Originally Posted by BevS View Post
Hey, Carla, Have they done away with the 20-day, 25-post minimum to get the tickers? I've seen a few members get theirs before this and was just wondering.
Not sure what is happening. I thought things were the same but I have seen some people getting access to program their ticker sooner. Who knows, could be a weird computer glitch.

Originally Posted by Hockey Mom23 View Post
Weighed in, down .8. Darn TOM, makes me cranky and stops the scale! It's irritating to think that every third week I won't show much of a loss at all. I'll be honest, my motivation is in the toilet right now. My current clothes are too big and make me feel like I'm wearing clown pants - tried on new ones and didn't like how they fit yet. I'm being totally irrational and impatient, which bugs me on many levels.
I hear ya, sister! I feel like I now spend 1/3 of every month messed up by TOM. I definitely understand the irritation and the aggravation. It's like the scale is holding out on you! Keep plugging away, you will still be losing. Pay more attention to your monthly losses and your average losses. I find that helps me. I almost don't care about week WI anymore other than the accountability. I committed to "doing whatever it took, for as long as it took" and every month, even with my new slower losses, I have dropped around 10 pounds. I watch the weight the week after each TOM to get the best idea of how I did.

Originally Posted by HopefulTricia View Post
Lately I have been mixing it in the blender (magic bullet) with ice, splenda and some extra vanilla just to change it up a bit.
Originally Posted by newsiemom View Post
Okay, had my WI yesterday and went down 1.2 pounds. I have been stuck right around that same mark for three weeks now. One week was due to being off IP, this week is due to TOM. I'm hoping for a big number next week.

Just wanted to throw an idea out there of what I do with my puddings. .... I mix two pudding packets and divide it in half and then make a shake with water and ice with my magic bullet. It's great because you can create new flavors.
Hey Ladies! I add a little flavored stevia, flavored splenda syrup (like davinci, torani, or artisan that we use for coffee or italian sodas), or extract to my puddings. I have tried the vanilla with cinnamon powder, caramel sugarfree torani syrup, orange extract, lemon extract, maple extract, blueberry walden farms syrup, and mint extract. I have tried the lemon pudding with poppy seeds and almond extract. The chocolate pudding I have tried with raspberry syrup, orange extract, mint extract, caramel syrup, and walden food Peanut butter... it was ok. I definately agree getting creative makes a lot of difference.

NEWSIE: don't worry about the losses slowing down. It happens. You will stay steady though and occasionally have the big jumps in weight happen about once a month. As you close in on how many calories you eat and how many your body really uses a day, the weight loss is forced to slow down. I can't remember how long you have been on, but it seems that even for people who had a lot to lose, once you cross the 200 mark and have been on 3 months or so, your numbers come closer to the 1 to 2 pound mark.

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