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Hi Everyone!

:flow 1:

OK!! I know it isn't official BUT, I weighed this morning. Not a regular scale hopper but I do keep tabs here and there. AND.... (drumroll please) I FINALLY BROKE the 170's!! And not by a little either!

I am 168!! THE 160's!! YES!! Such a big change since I just had official WI yesterday morning and was 172.4!! I hate how much water weight I put on with TOM... GRRR!

SO, The best part for me is this, I have lost 80 pounds since last October and 76 pounds on IP. I can't wait to weigh in next week. I so want to make this being in the 160's official.

It has been almost 15 years since I weighed in the 160's. I knew something had dropped yesterday. I tried on some clothes and they all looked sloppy. The smallest clothes in my closet to wear are size 8/10 and I got BOTH (haha,, just two lol) of them on and zipped. I wouldn't wear them in public... aside from them being way out of date (think late 80's big dynasty shoulder pads haha or early 90's laura ashley prints haha) they are both are a little too fitted on the behind still. I just always hoped to get back in them. Never intended to wear them again. I can't wait until they really fit properly and then, I guess I will donate them somewhere. Maybe they can be used for a costume or a retro party!

Just going to take it a step, or a few pounds at a time til I get to my final goal!

Mini Goal - June 7th - 160 lbs
Milestone - July 5th - 150 lbs
Mini Goal - July 27th - 145 lbs
Last Milestone - August 31 - 135 lbs

Hopefully, even with slower weight loss weeks, I will be where I want to be by September. That would represent a total loss of 113 pounds in 10 months.

Thanks for listening! Now back to my happy dance!

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Taking this 10 pounds at a time!

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