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Originally Posted by naynai0428 View Post
Ok so today is my first day on IP and so far it's been ok. I haven't been hungry so that's a plus but I have to say I'm not loving the packets. I added the recommended amount of water to the cappucino mix and it was a bit thick and I didn't like it hot. At lunch I had the chocolate drink and added more water and poured it over ice, it was better. But someone please help me, because me and Walden Farms...well, it just is not gonna happen. LOL!! I had the honey mustard...gag...and the bacon ranch which is ok. I think my salad was just too big after drinking the shake. I know there was a recipe for a dressing with lemon juice and olive oil...if anyone knows it can u repost? Had a bit of a headache but tried the sea salt with water and it worked like a charm!! I have to say that I've never been more excited for dinner though. I'm going to have baked chicken, collard greens and I'm going to try to mash the cauliflower. I'll also be trying to put my strawberry pudding in the freezer for my night time snack. I ordered some soup from Lindora for next week...I can't wait until I can have some chilli...wish me luck with these first few days I'm determined not to cheat. Ok it's chicken time!!
I sometimes add a little splenda or truvia to the drinks or the puddings to make them a little sweeter. {who knows what this does but it works for me). As far as Walden farms goes, try the bacon ranch over your veggies, microwaved for a bit (2mins). Made it more tolerable, it will never taste like the real deal but it does make the veggies less boring. A little Walden Farms chocolate syrup in the chocolate shake is pretty good as well.

Good luck and keep working on your variety, really makes a difference.
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