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I'd have to echo what everyone else has said so far......I've read about the real hunger being happy eating anything vs internally driven hunger which also only wants junk. Also that emotional hunger will go away if you go do something else, occupy your mind elsewhere. Real hunger will interrupt whatever else you go do. So wait 15 minutes and see if the hunger's still there. (this only counts if you were successful in keeping your mind elsewhere, watching 15 minutes go by doesn't count! )

Also, for me, Sometimes at the end of the day, after I've had all my calories, I will feel really hungry late at night (10pm or later)....sometimes it feels more like digestion. But often I feel like it's fat that's burning, yes I'm hungry, because my fat wants to live. If I ate I would just be feeding my fat me, not my fit me.

Starting again 5/22/2014:
193-safely away from 200 again!
184-under a 35 BMI!
179-finally out of 180!
176-pre-pregnancy weight!
168-20% total weight lost!
160-lowest adult weight I've been at!
153-No longer considered obese!
147-30% total lost!
145-weight I'd be happy at forever!
140-Normal weight for my size/frame!
135-my Dream weight
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