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scoop on my WI.

:P BLAH.... still holding at least .8 pounds water only lost .5 inch. feel bloated so that could change at any time. I hate the week before and during TOM. Almost wish I didn't have to weigh or measure at all these weeks. It seems so ridiculous. I know what is happening. I know it will flush out next time but just a silly exercise that makes me see how weighing really is just a representation of a point in time. For instance, if I weigh wednesday or after I will certainly be down at least 2 pounds... GRRR.... I should probably just rearrange my weigh ins to the dates I need in the month so I don't feel so...... stagnate.

PITA KITTEN: Thanks for the inevitable stall info. That was really interesting. Might make sense of some of what I have seen too.

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Oh I am so close to the 160's that if I stand on my tippee toes I can see it from here!!!! I weighed yesterday and was 171. My goal is 160, so I'm pretty excited. I told my coach I was really getting tired of Phase 1 and she moved me to Phase 2. It has been a really nice change and you don't feel so "on display" that you can't eat what everyone else is.

NSV I wore a dress to school today that has been hanging in my closet for 2 years with the tag still on it!
Congrats! We are almost in the same place! I have been teetering at 170 to 171 for the past 2 weeks. I am so close to the 160's I can taste it. Unfortunately, my goal is closer to 145 pounds so, I have a bit farther to go.

That is such a fun thing to wear the dress you haven't been able too. I had a few new with tags items in my closet that I'd actually forgotten about! Blew right past them as I lost weight (some because of changes in shape and some because of wrong season to wear) and had to just donate them without ever taking the tag off.

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