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Originally Posted by CanadianMama View Post
I am on day one of my new lifestyle change. I have 50 pounds to lose.

so my first day questions are .....

Supplements, took my vitamins, iron pill, and cal-mag this morning. It kept coming back at me all morning. I could taste the capsules (at least that's what I think it was). Anyone else have this, or maybe I took too long to swallow them.

Veggies - I know you can have two cups of veggies with lunch and dinner. Can I spread it around more than that, have say 1/2 cup morning snack, then lunch, then afternoon snack then dinner.

I see some of you using splenda, my coach has said no sweeteners at all. He said 1 ounce of milk in coffee or tea in the morning. but I need sugar, so my chooses are not drink it at all, or use a sweeter. What do you do.

Welcome, Kim! When you say "vitamins," what are you talking about? The multi-vitamin? As far as I know, it is supposed to be iron free on this diet unless you have some special requirements or something. Also, we are supposed to take the calcium magnesium supplements at dinner and bedtime. It's probably the fish oil capsules that are coming back on you. I've had this happen with some brands but not the ones from Our Health Coop. Plus, when I take my supplements, I eat a portion of my meal first, take the supplements, and then finish my meal. That sometimes helps.

I don't know if it's kosher, but I sometimes spread out my veggies.

I was told I could use stevia and splenda, just not to excess.
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