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today I am really jumping from here to there and googling alot to try and figure out how to boost the weight loss. Have come up with many theories that I want to try out.

I do have a question though and that is about caffeine intake; I at minimum drink 3 cups of coffee in the morning as soon as I wake up. I have it black with nothing added. Here is my question: could it be that the large dose of caffeine intake is stimulating insulin production? basically am I sobotaging myself every single morning?

Also, I found out that FDA's problem with IDP food is that they use Cyclamate as a sweetner. This sweetner does not have approval by FDA and will probably never have it, even though it is approved in 55 other countries incluing Canada. Does anyone else have problem getting their IDP food? right now my place is pretty much empty of food except for the chips/bars/soups/some drink mixes; none of which I like to have.

thanks a bunch.
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