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Originally Posted by JayEll View Post
I want to add to what time2lose said. If you are truly hungry, and someone offers you an apple, you will eat the apple.

If it's not really hunger but that tricky something else you're calling appetite, you won't want the apple.

This is what I go by too. If I am thinking that I'm hungry and some fruit or veggies sounds appealing, I assume it's genuine physical hunger and I will eat the fruit or veggies, even if that puts me above my calories for the day (but of course, it's not going to put me too far above because these foods don't have a huge amount of calories in a moderate portion size).

If I don't want the fruit/veg but am thinking that I want to eat SOMETHING but it has to be a less healthy choice for me to be satisfied, then I know it's not real hunger and I'm bored or want to eat for comfort, etc., etc. and then I'll distract myself so I don't eat, or if it's at night, I might just go to bed instead.
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