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Yes, it's working for me but you may not like the EAS AdvantEDGE drinks if you don't like the IP stuff. Here's my take on it: The IP packs contain protein but no added vitamins, minerals, nutrients so they can be pretty tasty w/o all that chalky, vitamin-y taste. Of course, they taste protein-y b/c that's what they're primarily composed of. EAS AdvantEdge, on the other hand, adds vitamins, minerals, nutrients so they do have some of that chalky flavor but really not bad, especially if you pour over crushed ice. Also, if you get those nutrients in the EAS, you don't have to buy the IP nutrients. So, I could be wrong, but I think IP tastes good b/c they don't add all the vitamins, etc to the packets--you buy and take them separately. The IP Peach Mango drink with lots of ice and water is good; I didn't mind the soups with a few veggies and lots of spices added, I loved the Chocolate Drink, the Wildberry Yogurt as a drink, etc. I drink the puddings and raspberry jelly(o) as a drink. Go to Costco and buy a new product in the Muscle Milk family. It's Muscle Milk's Protein + Pure, Isolated, & Concentrated Milk Protein. It comes in a 3#plastic canister / jar and you could use a li'l less than a level scoop to mimic the IP stuff. I think I paid $28 for this 40 serving canister. Both the chocolate and vanilla taste good to me---better than the EAS AdvantEdge but again, this is not packaged in the convenience of a Tetra Pak so it has to be prepared with ice, water, shaker, etc. It is item # 726 760 at Costco and cytosport is actually the maker. This should not be confused with regular MUSCLE MILK or MUSCLE MILK LIGHT which have much higher carb content. Again, the 4 egg whites and one yolk can substitute for the IP egg pack. You can eat boiled eggs or cook them in skillet with spinach, onion, mushroom, or acceptable veggie. Also, 3-4 oz of tuna or salmon can be substituted in place of an IP pack. If you think about it, just about any low-to-no-carb / low-to-no fat real protein food that has 17-20 grams of protein could be used in place of an IP pack.

Yes, I am losing pounds and inches and my friend put herself on Phase 2 of IP after a bad coach experience. She now eats 2 real food proteins a day instead of one and has 2 protein drinks / treats a day instead of the IP producst. She uses EAS AdvantEdge and MM's Protein +

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