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Originally Posted by penguin0199 View Post
Thanks Carla! That's a really good idea you guys have to keep an "emergancy" bag with you. I'm gonna have to try that. The only other restaurant I know of is Olive Garden which we are going to this weekend.
Try the herb grilled salmon. it comes with broccoli. Get the salad at the table with dressing on the side, if you can, or a single salad for you (claim food allergies), no cheese, crouton, or olive on the salad. Avoid the breadsticks. Put them as far away from you as possible or ask for them not to be brought to the table. You can also try the mixed grill with no potato. get extra broccoli or veggies.

I find Italian is one of the hardest because so many Italian restaurants think only of serving Italian pasta dishes or dishes with sauces. So many great Italian recipes are low carb and can be served sauce free or with lower fat.

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