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Originally Posted by Maddiegirl View Post
Has anyone had a problem with extreme abdominal pains and bloating? Feels like someone is pumping my abdoman up with air and it has no where to go.
I was in the ER it was so bad but after sitting there for almost 3 hours and having pain for 8 hours I had to leave. I think maybe it was something I ate... the last thing I had was the chocolate banana bar. Although I have eaten that in the past. Just wondering!
Some people are very sensitive to sugar alcohols, sweetners and acesulphame K. Keep a watch on what you eat and how you react. You can read the product info online. I know several products are quite a bit higher in the ace K (potassium). It sometimes causes intestinal distress, belching, bloating. Also, keep in mind what minerals/supplements you took. SOMETIMES, an excess of magnesium can cause intestinal distress. Usually you would experience diarrhea but for some it can be just the gas first.

Originally Posted by Journeysend View Post
Morning to All!! Weigh In #3 was great!! Down 5.6lbs and another 2 inches gone!!!! Yahoo, love this plan
Originally Posted by penguin0199 View Post
Good morning all!!

1st WI this morning...down 10.8 lbs and 9.5 in.!!!
I love how well this works! Hope everyone has a wonderful day!

one for every 5 lbs lost.

Excellent work, Journey and Penguin! You bith should be proud of those numbers!

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I second that motion. Actually, I nominate frumpy as an official "Honorary IP Citizen" until she is back on the plan.
Here, Here!! Definately want to keep Frumpy around!

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