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Originally Posted by penguin0199 View Post
I was wondering if anyone could give me ideas of what to eat at restaurants. I have several things in the next month that require me to go to dinner and thought it might be good to have some input from you guys. I do know one restaurant is Red Lobster but I'm not sure of the other one's yet.
Thanks guys!
I completely agree with Kris (mystical mama). I keep a "eating out kit" in my bag. I bought a gift card tin case, like you use to "wrap" and give a gift card, and in the tin I keep 2 packets of the walden food dressing to go (italian works best for me.. I add a little extra olive oil, and lemon juice or white vinegar, salt and pepper to it add the table). I also have a second tin that has a few packets of stevia sweetner, a small ziploc medicine/pill baggie of real salt/sea salt, and my essential enzymes. I keep all of this in an bag, like a cosmetics bag but large, along with 2 spare IP packets of protein drinks and a few tea bags I like. It is in my handbag or travel/shopping bag all the time. I am rarely without water or where I can buy it so, I don't ever get stuck starving or wanting to cheat. I can grab and IP drink anywhere.

At restaurants I have learned to scan the entrees, salad, and side choices for what types of veggies the kitchen uses. I review salads to see what works, what modifications I will have to make.

Things I frequently order or have ordered easily are:


buffets: eggs and steamed, sauteed, or grilled veggies. Omelette with veggies. sometimes a piece or 2 of bacon. spinach eggs benedict no bread, no sauce.

Buffets in general are ok. you do have to keep in mind salt but any lunch or dinner buffet will offer chicken, roast beef cuts, fish, veggies, and salad.

Hamburgers or chicken sandwiches: ask for it to be done protein style meaning no bread and extra lettuce on either side as a "bun". No cheese. Use steamed mushrooms if you like mushrooms. I have them hold all the condiments except the mustard. If I know I am going out for a burger, I try to take a walden farms ranch, bacon ranch, or thousand Island packet with me to use as a sauce on the burger. I always replace the fries with steamed veggies and order the "add on for a bit more" side salad.

Salad bars are a very safe bet. We have a few of the sweet tomatoes/soup plantation places here and I have seen the inside of all of them I think! It is great because you really can eat easily, stay completely on plan no matter how strict you are. I know they don't have much for protein so, I get a bottled water, a cup with ice, pour 1/2 the water into my cup and use the other 1/2 to make up an IP protein drink. Then I get a coffee cup, (free with purchase of a drink), add hot water and brew a bag of tea! I also ask them at the steamed veggies counter if they can make me some steamed veggies that don't have any butter, salt, or carrots. They have always been accomodating.

FONDUE: The melting pot is in our area. It is great! I get the chicken or seafood/shrimp. and use a chicken broth or oil fondue. I confirm that the seasoning in the pot do not include sugar. I also ask them to bring extra veggies and no potato or bread. Works great every time!

BARBECUE: I get unseasoned, smoked turkey or chicken at a place near us with extra veggies, steamed dry and a salad.. sometimes a spinach salad is nice.

I also like to get Barbecue chicken DRY.. not sauced at all just done on a grill.

STEAK/Prime rib: These are pretty easy. Just get the small cut or plan to get a box early on, and box what you know you can't eat then to take home for later.

As far as restaurants I have been able to find things, with some modification, I usually review the restaurant website before I go and call them to confirm how things are prepared:
(some I list below may be local to Arizona only)

Don and Charlie's - had prime rib with broccoli and a modified salad. This was my birthday dinner place. I called ahead to the restaurant and the manager helped me make a great choice. He went over the 3 dishes that were available to me without sugar in the seasoning. He even helped me figure out how to get the best salad!

The Melting Pot -My date and I did the spinach mushroom salad without dressing, the seafood trio and the chicken breast individual fondues with the oil and the mojo sauce pots with lots of veggies.

Buster's - Steak or prime rib, spinach salad, veggies steamed.

Gallagher's - smoked turkey, steamed veggies, basic green salad OR a spinach salad modified OR a chicken Caesar with my dressing and no croutons

Applebee's - a modified salad, or the asiago peppercorn steak or grilled dijon chicken with portobello. I make lots of modifications to these but they work. No cheese, no sauce, dry veggies. sub potato with extra veggie, get a small side salad.

Red Robin - the chicken ensenada is good without sauces, use lemon juice and oil or your own dressing, and I add a small side of broccoli steamed dry. I also order most of their burgers or chicken protein style, no bun.

Pf Chang - I ordered from the gluten free menu. I got seared tuna, no sauce or drizzle. I got the side of seared spinach to go with it.

In and Out burger - protein style hamburger, mustard only no fries

Islands- Turkey burger, no bun, with steamed veggies and side salad. I have also done a chicken breast or the chicken caesar salad

The Yard House- Seared tuna with asparagus. no rice just extra veggies. added side salad.

Sushi-I get a few pieces of sashimi.. salmon or tuna.. or the shrimp (ama ebi) (you can do the sushi ebi style if you want happy hour price but) don't eat the rice. Some edamame, steamed veggies, and a small salad no dressing

Red Lobster -SOOO many things work. Fresh fish, wood fired, grilled any of it just no sauce, no bread, no cheese, no rice. Get lots of veggies and a salad.

Maggiano's Italian - Not so hard. Great salad options! Chicken piccata, herb roasted chicken, seared pork medallions, fresh fish, Salmon with lemon.. I modify any of them to fit the diet. Sides to add are:asparagus, spinach or broccoli

Have you figured out other restaurants yet?

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