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Hi! Here is my 2 cents on the subject! My hubby and I have date night every Friday! This means going out for a nice dinner and then a movie, or theatre etc. We have managed to still have this weekly treat while on the plan by tweaking how I order my food. I start my ordering a pitcher of ice water with lime wedges. I always ask for my meat to be dry cooked, no added oils or fat, and instead of the potatoe or rice I ask for a double serving of the steamed vegetable with no oil or butter. Some restaurants may give you a hard time with the veggies. Say they are serving carrots - but you can't have them. However if you know they have broccoli or asparagus available, explain that you cannot eat the carrots, and they will assume it is due to an allergy and grant your request. I always try to go to a restaurant that has a salad bar. That is very helpful when everyone else is having an appetizer! If not, then order a side salad with oil and vinegar on the side. I actually bring in my own dressing and bbq sauce to the restaurant to add to my meal! If anyone ever questions me, I explain that I have various food intolerances or restrictions and must supply my own compatible items. Haven't had anyone give me a hard time about it yet! If you are unsure if the item has cream, sugars, starch etc, then ask the server. They should have a list of ingredients available in the kitchen to double check for you!

Good luck! Just remember to be creative and have fun with it!


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