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CW: I'm grinning from ear to ear for your family! I hope you make many wonderful memories in the next two weeks!!

Frannie: Congrats! Great job!!

Hloehr73: Welcome! I'm also in SD, have been on IP for 10 weeks (one of those weeks I was on vacation and slipped a bit...). I'm loving the lifestyle.

Medicyn: I have had maybe 2 diet sodas since starting IP. I don't think it will make you gain, but may slow down the loss a bit. I quit drinking Diet Coke and now have a Diet Rite (sweetened with Splenda) on those days I just have to have something other than water or tea. I don't feel the Diet Rite is slowing my progress - but I don't drink it by the truck load either, maybe 3 a week.

Yinyang: I gained 8 pounds on my week's vacation, but lost all of it and more within 5 days of being home. However, I did have the bad headache again - great motivation to not cheat like that ever again! Congrats on losing the weight you gained.

All the talk about TOM around here must have triggered my body - I find the length of time between TOM's has shortened to a ridiculous 21 days. TMI I know, but it's annoying!

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