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Hi all,
It is so exciting to hear everyone's successes! And like everyone else I cannot wait to hear CW's story--guess it will be 2 weeks before she can make time though!

Penguin: thanks for the idea about the ice, I miss having things that I can chew!

Dalai Mama: the cal-mag is a tough one, that is for sure. I take it along with a salad that has some vinegar/oil dressing and it seems to slide a bit more easily.

regarding veggies: it's getting easier for me as my hubby is making them into things so we don't have to eat them (or look at them) in a big 2 cup pile...pretty intimidating. Last night we had cauliflower "greek rice". Chopped it raw in the food processor, to about rice size. Roasted on a cookie sheet for a bit, then tossed in a combination of olive oil, lemon juice and thyme. Along with a big greek salad and chicken breast marinated in lemon and oregano. And a couple days ago he made cream of broccoli soup: 3 bunches of broccoli, 2 chicken IP packs, a little non-fat chicken broth, green onions, some spices. Now the problem with that one is that we are only to have 2 cups pre-cooked (which is to my estimate only about 1 cup of the soup) and it's so good I want more!

Bev and Journeysend: my sister had lots of problems with arthritis and it turned out to be gluten and nightshades, which is all cut out of our diets (I think?) at this point. So it could be the flour in the cake that got you, and not (just) the sugar. I admire you for only having the small slice...If I started with a small piece, I would end with eating a LOT more, so good for you!

The water is tough for me. I am trying different herbal teas and decaf black tea and making it into iced teas. This seems to help because the flavor makes it more attractive.
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